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Kind Tree

Kind Tree Afghani Live Sugar - 1g

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Kind Tree l Afghani Live Resin Sugar l 1g Lineage: Afghani Kush Landrace The Kind Tree Live Resin Sugar features a concentrate with granular texture that looks and feels like wet sugar. It contains high concentrations of natural terpenes resulting in gentle and sweet flavor profiles. It can be used for vaping and dabbing, or incorporating it into your homemade recipes, Sugar could elevate your experience to new heights. Afghani produces earthy, floral, pungent, and sweet aromas with a slight taste of sweet pine and spice. Users have reported feeling uplifted, sleepy, and couch-locked. This may be ideal for those seeking relief from pain, anxiety, depression, insomnia, and stress.


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We believe that every strain has its own story, resulting in unique flavors and aromas. That’s why we focus our efforts on the art and science of cannabis cultivation.
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